Slide Gates

Slide Gates are an excellent choice when it comes to residential driveway gate automation. These types of residential doors offer two types of installation methods. The two types of slide gate opener installation are front mount (standard) and rear mount (end-of-track). With a front mount slide gate Installation, the gate’s operator is mounted by the gate opening with the chain visible on the inside bottom of the gate. The rear mount installation requires a little more work and chain. With a rear mounted installation the operator and chain are out of sight for a more “visually appealing” result.

Residential Slide Gate
Residential Gate
Slide Gate Construction

Traditional slide gates are typically the same size as the driveway opening. Being that the frames are smaller and lighter, slide gate installations tend to be simpler. They are also among the most popular residential door options because they are cheaper in price and potentially offer greater privacy depending on what materials they are made of. When it comes to the space needed to accommodate a gate the opening size is the same as the width it covers, with a few extra feet for access. So, if you are looking for residential, small commercial or industrial interiors and space is a limitation, then a slide gate may be the right choice for you.

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Slide Gates in Southern California

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