Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are constructed of horizontal panels which rise vertically, then glide back in a horizontal manner. A common use for these types of doors is garages. Runners on the ceiling accommodate the horizontal panels as they slide into the garage. Panel doors are typically fitted behind the garage opening. The doors open and close with minimal effort and don’t require any space outside the garage to open. Design options are not limited and they offer a high level of heat and sound insulation. Sectional doors also offer security in that each panel has its own connection to the door track; increasing reliability and robustness. They are also quick to open in an emergency, and can be done so manually.

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Panel Doors

Sectional doors can also be called panel doors. Size wise they can vary considerably and the maximum height and width of a door is determined by the strength and material used to manufacture the door. A torsion spring system is generally used to operate the doors. Most are now operated automatically using a garage door opener, but all doors should be balanced so that they can be lift manually. They can be made of different materials, including steel, wood, vinyl, aluminum, and glass. The material used to make your garage panel door is normally determined by the doors purpose and your budget.

Sectional Doors in Southern California

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