Roll Up Doors

Commercial roll up doors or rolling steel doors are special commercial doors engineered for heavy-duty applications. From parking garages to delivery docks, these doors are ideal for business owners who want a door that is reliable and highly efficient. Unlike many other doors, commercial roll up doors don’t glide along overhead tracks, they have interlocking slats that coil into a barrel shape when opening.

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Roll Up Door
Commercial Roll Up Door

Steel doors can help keep operations on schedule with little need for maintenance. They are excellent for blocking out the elements, protecting inventory and creating a secure storage space. Roll up doors operate via the main drive mechanism located above interlocking slats. As a series of belts move a rotating drum, slats lift from the ground and coil around a cylindrical support. Installations depend on vertical side rails and a horizontal bar at the base of bottom slats. These components ensure each piece coils evenly when the door is in the open position.

These doors are a sturdy solution for sealing bays, loading docks, and exterior openings. They are an ideal solution for any business looking to increase security without sacrificing performance or appearance. Commercial rolling doors can be coated for preventing corrosion and are made from steel or aluminum; which makes them stronger than wood or fiberglass.

Roll Up Doors in Southern California

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